Body massage is the most practiced form of massage in the western world, known also as Swedish or classical massage:It combines massage movements to manipulate soft muscle, achieves muscle tone, improves circulation and promotes relaxation. Students will learn to perform a professional full body massage.

In this part you will profound your knowledge in massage to the professional level.You will be able do adjust your massage to different levels and the needs of your client. You will learn advanced techniques of massage, using elbow and forearm, advanced petrissage, friction and stretches to combat nodules, muscle spasms and better posture of your client in general. Also more anatomy and physiology, first aid, working with energies and aromatherapy will be introduced in this part. It will provide you with the skills to offer your client the best service in your wide range of expertise. This diploma will increase the possibilities on finding work in Spas, beauty salons, gymnasiums, cruise ships or as private massage therapists.

This course entails the theory of holistic massage: its history, definition, indications and contraindications, the movements and tips how to prepare yourself and your workplace.  The video below gives you an idea of what you are about to learn in the practical classes.

promo masaje from Naturaclass on Vimeo.