Mindfulness and emotional intelligence talk: Thursday 11th June 6-7pm (Charla gratuita en inglés)

There is a growing need for mindfulness based interventions to improve wellbeing and address certain mental health issues. Moreover these interventions have become tried and tested in many fields including education, healthcare and business. This need has been extenuated in the present circumstances of Covid 19. There is also a need for us to rethink the way we live and how we relate to one another and to our planet. We need to construct, or create a world which is more compassionate and where human interaction and communication is more effective and empathetic. In this talk find out how Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning can enhance your personal and professional life, as well as stimulate creativity and critical thinking.

Lawrence Body has a Master degree in Mindfulness and Emotion management and almost 30 years’ experience as a teacher trainer. He has developed programs for Malaga University, for schools at primary and secondary level supported by the Junta de Andalucia, and for the English Language Centre in Brighton, UK. He also designs courses for business and organizations and provides training online.

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