On-Site Chair Massage Seminar

Duration: 8 hours

Prerequisites: basic body massage or equivalent


The massage chair is especially suitable for those people who do not have much time, such as workers who are on their break or people who do not have much time to receive a massage but do not want to give up a good shoulder massage, or for all those who have modesty for undressing or can not lie or climb on massage table  due to any injury or physical disability.

The techniques used t include classic massage maneuvers (kneading, twisting and percussion) combined with acupressure techniques using  the palms of the hands, elbows and forearm, on meridians points , and  specific stretches, compression and friction.

The course includes:

  • History of chair massage.
  • Hydration test.
  • Adjust the chair correctly for the massage.
  • Indications and contraindications.
  • Massage technique with clothes – without oil.
  • Techniques of massage with oil.
  • 20 min Massage routine
  • Correct way to lower the user of the chair in case of emergency.

Seminars are given both in english and Spanish 

Price: 120 euros (or 108 euros with the annual tuition)

For next available seminars, please go to ” Los próximos cursos” in the Spanish web site click here>> 



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