ITEC Diploma Course in Aromatherapy

Course Description:

In order to ensure you get the best Aromatherapy qualification available (and don’t have any problems with the recognition of your Aromatherapy qualification in the future) our Aromatherapy Courses follow the latest ITEC QCF (Qualifications Credit Framework) syllabus which was introduced by the UK Government in September 2009 (and revised in September 2012).

You will learn how to perform a full Aromatherapy treatment confidently incorporating all the classical aromatherapy techniques , so that you can practise professionally as individual practitioner or as a member of a team in a multidisciplinary setting.

You will be confident in explaining the taxonomy, nomenclature, significant chemical constituents, therapeutic actions, most beneficial methods of use and safety data for over 60 essential oils.  You will be able  to blend the essential oils appropriately and perform and adapt your Aromatherapy treatment techniques correctly and safely to meet the individual needs of your client.

You will be able to confidently identify factors that may influence your treatment objectives as well as provide clear recommendations to your client.  You will learn when and how to treat a person holistically, and also importantly when not to treat.  You will also learn how to build you professional practise ethically.

Course Structure:

The course is run over 6 weekends in 6 months.

The limit of students per class is 16 to ensure that each student receives the individual attention they require.


  • Anatomy & Physiology of all the body systems
  • History, theory & development of Aromatherapy.
  • Aromatherapy massage techniques.
  • How to perform an effective Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
  • The Holistic Approach – Treating the whole person.
  • Introduction to other Complementary Therapies.
  • Legislation and consent to Aromatherapy treatment.
  • In-depth study of at least 60 essential oils.
  • Methods of extraction, chemistry, therapeutic effects of essential oils
  • Carrier oils.
  • Methods of consultation.
  • Common ailments
  • Contra-indications to Aromatherapy
  • Client care
  • Hygiene and safety procedures in the clinic.
  • Referral procedures
  • Create, evaluate and review Aromatherapy treatment programmes.
  • First aid procedures for the clinic.
  • Management and public relations
  • Setting up in practice.
  • How to look after yourself as a therapist.

For the practical classes you will need to bring :

  • White polo shirt
  • Long white trousers
  • Closed white shoes and socks
  • 3 white bath towels
  • Everything is white and without logos


  • Registration fee: 50 euro
  • Course fee 900 euro (Can be divided in 6 monthly payments)
  • Course material: included in the price

ITEC international diploma (Optional):

Students who have terminated the course and have passed the exam have the option to prepare themselves further for the International ITEC exams. This means taking an online course on Business Awareness and Professional Conduct and the full course of Anatomy and Physiology. The exam can be taken in English or in Spanish.

ITEC Exam:

  • Theory exams:
    • – 50 multiple choice questions on aromatherapy
    • – 50 multiple choice questions on Business Awareness and Profesional Conduct
    • – 50 multiple choice questions on Anatomy and Physiology
  • Practical exam: 45 min with oral questions.
  • 40 completed home case studies (thorough guidance given during lectures)
  • ITEC Exam fee: 200 euro (optional)


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