Terms and Conditions

Vacation dates :The school will be closed on:

  • 6th-12th of October – Feria Fuengirola
  • 1st November.(dia de los santos)
  • 6th and 8th of December. (Dia de la Constitucion, Inmaculada)
  • 24th of December to 8th of January. (Navidad y Reyes)
  • 28th of February.(Dia de Andalucia)
  • Week of Semana Santa (Easter week)
  • 1st of May (Labor day)
  • 15th of August

How to register for a course?

First let us congratulate you for wishing to take a step to enhance your career.

Now you can register online by paying the course fee and enjoy the web discount bonus. However, we suggest first to set a meeting at the school, see the facilities, hear about the different options, consult what will be best for you and get to know us better.

Our courses have a limited number of students. Therefore we suggest not to wait until the last minute and to register as soon as you know you wish to take the course.

How can I pay the course fee? You can pay the whole course and enjoy the 10% discount (apply for courses longer than one month) or by monthly instalments.

You can pay in the school in cash, by credit card or by  bank trasfer (for other means please consult the school)

What do I need to bring to class?

For the practical classes you will need to bring:

  • White polo shirt or brown T shirt (will be supplied  by the school)
  • White long pair of trousers
  • White shoes and white socks
  • Three bath size towels

For the theory classes, please bring notebook and pen.

You are advised to purchase a massage bed in case the course includes case histories

What happens if I miss a class?

We suggest avoiding missing classes but if you have no other option, then:

  • You can miss up to 20% of course tutorial hours without the need to complete extra hours. You can catch up on the material by yourself or from your fellow students.
  • If you miss more than 20% then you will need to organize private classes for the tutoring. The fee will be 60 euros an hour. Each private hour equals 3 public course hours. The fee can be shared by students.
  • If you are taking an intensive course then you can not miss any class

When to pay exam fees?

  • There is no exam fee for in-house certification (credited by the National Association of Naturopath professionals FENACO).
  • For International diplomas you will need to pay the external exam fee. These costs include: theory exam papers (received in a sealed envelope from London) and administration; fees and costs of transport from London for the practical examiner, foreign student registration fee, report and final issuing of diploma.

When is the next ITEC exam:

ITEC exams are organized normally once or twice a year.

For the practical exam you should bring:

  • Clean uniform as instructed.
  • Model(fellow students are not allowed to be model)
  • Pair of slippers for your model
  • 3 white towels.

Accredited previous learning:

If you already hold a diploma in one or more subjects then you can ask to acknowledge it towards your course fee and hours.

For the list of recognized diplomas please refer to :

To accredit your previous learning please provide photo copy of your diploma and course syllabus.

The school may ask you for a level test to determine if your level is suitable to enter the course.

What happens if I cannot complete the course or wish not to continue?

If for some reason you decide not to take the course before it started then:

  • You will lose all payments made including the deposit and / or registration fee.
  • Your deposit and/or registration fee can be forwarded to the next or another course, up to one year, providing you have notified the school two weeks in advance.

If you have decided not to complete the course after the starting date, then:

  • You will lose all payments made including the deposit and / or registration fee.
  • In case you have paid the course fee in full then a summary letter will be issued to credit your hours and you will have the opportunity to come again to complete the course within the period of a year.

In the case the course is cancelled by the school then you can ask the school for a full refund of your course fee.

If for an unexpected reason the course was cancelled during the course period by the school, after some classes has been given, then:

  • The students will pay only for the classes taken and any outstanding sum will be refunded.
  • A summary letter will be issued.
  • Agreement will be made to find a solution to complete the course within reasonable time.

Admin fees:

  • Anual registration fee – first year 75 euros and 25 euros from the second year (*)
  • One hour private class: 60 Euros.
  • Retake exam 1st: Free
  • Retake exam 2nd: 60 Euros.
  • Re issue of a diploma: 25 Euros
  • Renting private massage room:
    • Student: 6 Euros
    • Professional: 10 Euros
  • Renting theoretical room: 15 Euros an hour.
  • Renting practical room: 25 Euros an hour.
  • Photocopy black & white: 0.10 Euros single, 0.12 Euros double sided

* What is the registration fee?

  • Diploma courses  are charged a registration fee. This fee includes : administration costs, registration into the student database and in the online student support system, preparation of theoretical and practical exams, insurance and certificates/diplomas.
  • Annual Enrolment – Students have the option to enrol annually for 75 Euros (will cover 12 months from the start of the 1st course conducted at the academy ) , and 25 € from the second year. With this option, the student would have the right to start any other course within a year without the need to pay the registration fee.
  • Courses with a duration of more than 6 months are considered annual enrolment .
  • Enrolment in a course with a duration of more than one year (eg Naturopathy or Osteopathy) will be considered as annual registration fee for the first year.

In the following cases the school has the authority to expel a student:

  • Missing more than 20% of course tutorial hours.
  • Misbehaviour in class.
  • Not paying course fees within reasonable time.
  • Concealing health conditions.

What happens if I have failed the exam?

  • If you have failed the exam then you will have a second chance within a months time.
  • If you also fail the 2nd exam, then you can apply for a 3rd chance based on an open questions theory paper and you will need to pay 60 Euros tutor fee.
  • Still not successful ? Well then you will need to repeat the course.

Learner Appeals and complaints Policies. Prevention and investigation of instances of malpractice and maladministration.

It is the right of all learners to appeal decisions made in the areas of admissions, assessment and learner discipline.  Also if you wish to register a complaint, ask at the Naturaclass office for the procedure and official forms or download them from our website.

Legal notice- Private tuition

According to Decree 175/1993 of November 16, which regulates the right to information of users of Private Schools of Education issuing non-academic degrees:

Informs that:

The school is approved by the Ministry of Employment of the Andalusian Government for the following courses:

  • Auxiliary Services of esthetics (code IMPE010)
  • Aesthetic massages and associated sensory techniques (code IMPE011)
  • Aesthetic treatments (code IMPE021)
  • Aesthetic care of hands and feet (code IMPP010)

The rest of the courses offered, are approved by FENACO and / or ITEC, are private and are not part of the program of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Andalusia or other Public Administration.

The training given by this center has no academic validity, except for courses approved by the Ministry of Employment of the Andalusian Government, which are mentioned in the first section.

There are brochures or informational documents for each course, both at the entrance desk and on the website.

There are Complaints and Claims Sheets available to the user who requests them, in accordance with the provisions of Decree 171/1989 of July 11.

LEGAL NOTICE: Data collection on the website (LSSICE + LOPD Spanish Laws)
“In compliance with the Data Protection General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the
Council, on the 27th April 2016, we inform you that the provided personal data will be processed by NATURACLASS
FORMACION, S.L. with VAT number B93179562, addressed in FUENGIROLA (MALAGA), C.P. 29640, CAMINO
CONDESA Nº 3, to provide the requested service, and make the billing of it.
The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the execution of the contracted service. The future offer of
products and services will be based on the requested consent, and in the case of the withdrawal of this consent, this
would never condition the execution of the contract.
The data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to
comply with the legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal
obligation. You have the right to know if NATURACLASS FORMACION, S.L. is treating your personal data. If so, you
have the right to access, rectify, treat, port, opposite and suppress them, as well as to file a claim before the Control
Authority by writing to the above address or by emailing to, attaching a copy of your ID in both