Our teachers

F009rancy Vantomme: came from Belgium as a reflexologist. In Spain she studied with Natura Class, Holistic and Sports Massage. Her main work in Belgium was accountant manager but now she is dedicating her time 100% to holistic treatments. She kept attending new courses and has worked full time as a massage therapist for Natura Class Bienestar where she gathered an enormous amount of experience. In 2009 she had the opportunity to start teaching Holistic Massage and Reflexology and pass on her enthusiasm and knowledge. From 2011 she was promoted to become academy manager.

Ana ana luqueMaria Luque:  with six years of experience as massage therapist, began her training in the our school with the Auxilar de SPA program. Always enthusiastic and eager to learn everything about this sector,  her continuous studying has earned Ana her degree in ITEC Holistic Massage  level 3. Later she continued her studies in Naturopathy. She has always combined her studies with her work in the different massage and wellness centers . Currently, she is our main teacher for the  Spanish courses of massage, reflexology and SPA treatements. Ana also speaks good English and is able to teach workshops in Spanish and English.

lawrenceLawrence Body is a qualified holistic therapist and naturopath, specializing in aromatherapy. He has over 12 years of practical experience working in natural health and healing centres and spas, both in England and Spain. Lawrence leads courses in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and IET. He is also teacher at Malaga University.

Grant Foster: Fully qualified Clinical and Sports Massage Therapigrant fosterst holding the Diploma in Sports Massage and the Masters Diploma in Clinical Massage. Grant worked as massage therapist for Stoke City FC and amongst others, in television and stage productions, spending three years as the therapist for the Gladiators television series. Grant is currently registered with the UK Athletics Board and has worked with many International, Olympic and other elite athletes. Having a keen interest in sport and exercise in general, he is a fully qualified health and fitness instructor. Grant guides the athletes through the demands and needs in training, and also in their recovering from injury. Grant is leading the ITEC course for Sport Massage.

Maria WakefordMaria Wakeford: has over 30 years in the beauty industry as a fully Qualified Beauty Therapist, ITEC accredited Tutor ,Salon owner,Trainer and Manager. Originally trained at the presitious Innoxa Beauty Culture and Beauty Therapy in London. Maria herself has returned to Europe after having lived in Chicago for 18yrs, where she furthered her education in Advanced Nail Technology.

alon meshelAlon Meshel: After working many years for big organizations in Israel, he came to Spain to explore different ways of life. Alon is the founder of Natura Class given his skills as an experienced administrator and director. For him nothing is impossible